Booklover Gifting Guide for Non-Booklovers

Most Non-Booklovers, when asked what would be the perfect gift for the Booklover in their life would say, “Easy, books.” But it’s not that simple. Because, for a booklover, it’s not just “a book”, it’s “the book” and sometimes, not a book at all.

As a booklover myself, I have witnessed a number of my friends and family struggle to find the right gift. So here, I have compiled a list of questions that a Non-Booklover should ask themselves that will help them select the right gift.

So Non-Booklovers, grab a notepad and pen and get ready to make notes and Booklovers, grab a tub of popcorn and enjoy yourselves.

  1. Should I buy a book or something else?

One of the main questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want to buy a book or not.

Though it may be obvious, sometimes, buying a book is not the best choice and there are a number of alternatives available that will cheer up a booklover nonetheless. Like Kindles, bookmarks, book-scented candles and perfumes, book-themed clothes, etc.

In this post, I will be focusing on the ones who want to get a book.

2. Which genre does he/she read?

It is very important for you to know which genre(s) does the Booklover in your life like to read while choosing a book. You don’t want to end up gifting a Jane Eyre fan a copy of The Da Vinci Code, trust me. Once you know the genre, you can narrow down your choices and get an appropriate gift.

3. Which authors does he/she like?

Another important thing you need to know before you decide on a gift is which authors the Booklover in your life likes. Usually, a booklover who is a fan of a particular author would have read all of his/her works but if not, you can always get a book that the booklover has not yet read. If, as in most cases, they have read all the books, you can get a book of similar authors, the list of which you can find online. Otherwise, if you can swing a first edition copy or a signed copy of their favourite book(or even a signed first edition) that would be the best thing in the world!

Well, I hope that helps you find the perfect gift.

How would you select a gift for a Booklover?

Booklovers, how would you like Non-Booklovers to choose a book for you?

Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “Booklover Gifting Guide for Non-Booklovers

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  2. This is wonderful post.
    There are many points which needs attention;
    First; I appreciate your easy-to-understand writing style.
    Second; your presentation style is very much appealing and it is suitable for all age group.
    Third; your subject matter and note worthy points are absolutely amazing.
    Overall it is wonderful experience to read this type of post.
    Keep it up….
    Wishing you all the best……………………………..


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  4. Hah, just realised I got it backwards! Right…in this case I would recommend a non-booklover to get their book loving friend a ticket to a book fair or a live reading on any book…it’s experiential, thoughtful and unexpected all in one 🙂


    1. Those are great ideas but they are not books and as I said in an earlier comment, I will be including them in a post about non-book gifts soon. This post is for Non-Booklovers who want to gift books to Booklovers.


  5. I would say stick to top 10 bestsellers – this way you will show your passion for books without looking patronising in terms of their reading preferences, and they will be curious to read and express their opinion during conversation with friends, family and on social media. 🙂


  6. These are times when gift certificates/cards are cherished. Even my wife of 30+ years, who worked alongside me in a bookstore for seven years, hesitates to purchase books for me. Tastes vary widely, even by genre.


    1. I completely agree but as gift certificates/cards are not books, I will be including them in the gift guide that features non-book gifts soon. This particular post was intended for Non-Booklovers buying books for Booklovers.


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