As a Booklover who is surrounded by others of my kind, I can honestly say that we are a pretty diverse breed. So I decided to give some types of Readers that can be found almost anywhere. Let me just say that these are not all the types of Readers. The title of this post reflects that. I will be writing a Part – 2, maybe even a Part – 3 depending on how well this is received.

This is not a very strict classification  as Booklovers by their very nature cannot be made to fit into a box so as you go through the list, you will see yourself and the people you know fit into many of these types. That is the fun of it. Enjoy!

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Booklover Gifting Guide for Non-Booklovers Part-2

Most Non-Booklovers, when asked what gifts they would buy for the Booklover in their life, would reply, “Easy, books.” But it’s not that easy. There are a number of things you need to consider when buying books for a Booklover. So much so that those considerations make up Booklover Gifting Guide for Non-Booklovers Part-1.

But what if you don’t want to buy a book? Don’t worry, there are many things out there that would make the Booklover in your life ecstatic aside from books.

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