As a Booklover who is surrounded by others of my kind, I can honestly say that we are a pretty diverse breed. So I decided to give some types of Readers that can be found almost anywhere. Let me just say that these are not all the types of Readers. The title of this post reflects that. I will be writing a Part – 2, maybe even a Part – 3 depending on how well this is received.

This is not a very strict classification  as Booklovers by their very nature cannot be made to fit into a box so as you go through the list, you will see yourself and the people you know fit into many of these types. That is the fun of it. Enjoy!

  1. The Casual Reader

Casual Readers are those readers who do read, but it is not their passion(Yes, such people do exist). They read books but only as much as they do other activities like watching movies. It’s just another form of entertainment for them. They are not crazy about books.

Suggested Reads: Classy but not hard literature like Dan Brown or Jeffrey Archer.

  1. The “Not a Reader” Reader

The “Not a Reader” Readers are not really readers. They are the ones everyone thinks is a reader. Their social media is full of book references and quotations from various books and they casually drop author names and book titles in everyday conversation so you think that they have read just about everything that has seen the inside of a bookstore but should you decide to discuss a book in depth with them, they quickly change the subject. Their opinions on almost every book are along the lines of, “I liked [insert title here] but it’s not one of my favourites.”

Suggested Reads: Any book you have previously pretended to read, who knows, it might become a favorite.

  1. The Traditionalist

Traditionalists are readers who are resistant to the modernization of reading. They are addicted to the touch and smell of real books and refuse to accept any E-Reading devices or dictionary bookmarks. For these readers, the art of reading need not be tampered with. Many Traditionalists will not even buy a paperback but prefer hardback books.

Suggested Reads: Anything written on paper with ink.

  1. The E-Reader

Traditionalists who have had to move one too many times may be tempted to move to this category. Also, the younger generation fits into this category as well(for the most part) and even many old-timers have found this to be a better option. (Jeffrey Archer is one). E-Readers, as the name suggests, prefer E-Books. Devices like Kindles, Kobos and Nooks are their life and they generally go not go anywhere without their entire library.

Suggested Reads: Anything written on a screen.

  1. The Audio-Reader

The recent rise in the production and marketing of audio-books has been a blessing for the visually-impaired community as they are finally able to read conveniently, but it has also had another effect: it has given rise to a new bread of readers: The Audio-Reader. These readers prefer to listen to words instead of reading them on paper. Basically, their ears are their eyes. The popularity of this mode of reading has increased to such an extent that audio-reading apps like Audible have been endorsed by famous YouTube personalities like Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta.

Suggested Reads(Listens): Whatever sounds sweet to your ears.

  1. The Introverted Reader

The Introverted Readers are very picky readers. They generally have a favourite genre or two and they stick to those genres. In fact, even within those genres, they love to read specific authors. They give a great deal of thought to a book before reading it as they don’t want to waste time with a substandard work. They rarely, if ever, venture out of their comfort zone but when it comes to their favorites, they know their genre and its authors like the backs of their hands. They know all authors, their writing styles, the tropes and tricks of their genre better than anyone else. They are experts.

Suggested Reads: I dare not go there.

  1. The Extroverted Reader

Unlike Introverts, The Extroverted Readers have no problem venturing out and trying a new author or a new genre. In fact, they enjoy nothing more. As long as it has words, The Extroverted Reader will read it, from a pamphlet to War and Peace. But as a result of this, they are not particularly knowledgeable of any specific author or genre but that’s okay as they make up for it by the sheer diversity of their readings.

Suggested Reads: Almost anything that you can get your hands on.

  1. The Book Clubber

Book Clubbers are invariably Extroverted Readers as it is very difficult, if not impossible, for an Introverted Reader to read a random book recommended by someone else. But Book Clubbers are not pure Extroverted Readers, they only read books that are recommended by someone in their Book Club and rarely ever read anything outside of the Club or classroom. But what they read, they know well and can discuss at great length and in great depth.

Suggested Reads: Book Club classics like To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee(especially with the sequel coming out!), The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Boy in The Striped Pajamas by John Boyne and My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

  1. The Classics Buff

As the name suggests, The Classics Buff does not consider anything written after 1814 as literature and hence, refuses to read it. They love to lose themselves in another century and its customs and society. They like nothing more than to examine the past through the eyes of an author. They mourn what they consider to be the loss of the beauty of the English language over the years.

Suggested Read: Anything written by Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Chaucer, The Brontë Sisters and many more…

  1. The Verse Reader

These readers love to distance themselves from the prosaic and delve into the world of verse. Poetry is not just a form of writing but an art form to these readers. Anthologies and collections are their bibles and they prefer the lyrical melody of poems to the dull monotone of prose.

Suggested Reads: Any anthology but a few poets I love are Hemingway, Angelou, Browning(both of them), Tennyson, Kay, Kaye, Parent and many more…

  1. The Non-Fiction Buff

The name says it all. Non-Fiction Buffs are not the kind to go on reading what they call ”storybooks” but prefer “serious reading” that is very informative. Their bookshelves are full of Autobiographies and Biographies. If they do decide to dabble into fiction, they pick authors like Dan Brown.

Suggested Reads: Quiet by Susan Cane, Mein Kampf, An Autobiography by Sigmund Freud, Speeches that Changed the World, etc.

  1. The Specialist

The Specialist is a kind of Non-Fiction Buff. These people are experts in a particular area like maybe psychology or LGBT Studies and have literally read every piece of paper published in relation to their subject of interest. I’m talking magazines, newspaper articles, books, the list goes on and on. But they haven’t read anything besides that.

Suggested Reads: You know better than I ever will.

  1. The Self-Help Reader

This is the kind of reader who has no idea what is going on their life. So they feel that they need all the help that they can get. And they find that help in self-help and management books. Moreover, they don’t just read these books, they try their best to incorporate every single piece of advice that they read.

Suggested Read: Authors like Osho, Paulo Coelho, Kerry Patterson, etc.

  1. The Forever Kid

The Forever Kid is a person of any age whose favourite books are and forever will be the ones they read in their youth. They can be found in the Children’s Section of any bookstore or library in the world. For these people, no story is better than one designed to cater to the innocent and simple minds of children.

Suggested Reads: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan, The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

  1. The Bestseller Reader

This kind of reader’s TBR is the New York Times Bestseller List or any other Bestseller List for that matter. They do not care about the synopsis at the back cover, the blurbs or the critic reviews. As long as the book is a bestseller, it is good enough for them to read but if it isn’t on a bestseller list, it isn’t worth their time.

Suggested Reads: The New York Times Bestseller List 2015(or whenever you are reading this post).

  1. The Movie Adaptation Reader

This person always says the words that every serious booklover hates with their heart and soul: “I will wait for the movie.” When the movie adaptation does come out, they will determine whether to read the book based on their opinion of the movie.

Suggested Reads: The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, Carrie by Stephen King, Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, etc.

  1. The Waterworks

These are usually girls but boys also fit into this category. These are the readers so emotionally invested in the lives of the characters they are reading about that they care more about the character’s lives than they care about their own. Cliffhangers are the worst nightmares of these kinds of readers and their book hangovers generally last for a very long time.

Suggested Reads: The Fault in our Stars by John Green, P. S. I Love You and If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern and any Nicholas Sparks.

  1. The Fangirl (or Boy)

This is the kind of reader that doesn’t just like a book, character or author. Oh no no, they are obsessed. They know everything about the author, they have read every book and know them from cover to cover. They own every piece of paraphernalia and every edition of every book of that author. They make an effort to buy the book again if the publisher releases it with another cover and absolutely LOVE first editions and signed copies.

Suggested Reads: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling, The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins, etc.

  1. The FanFic Writer

The FanFic Writer is the kind of reader who is simply not satisfied with the story that the author provides. They want more. They want back stories for each minor character, they want alternative endings and should their book be a series, they want the next book and they want it all now. If the author doesn’t provide them with the above, they write it themselves.

Suggested Reads: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, etc.

  1. All Writers

Naturally, every writer has to be a reader and writers are some of the most prolific readers of all. They read all kinds of books: classics, Booker prize nominees, every single book written in their genre and more.

Suggested Reads: Every single book published in all time.

  1. The Hoarder

Now this is the kind of reader who buys books faster than they can read them. Their homes are usually filled with random stacks of books all over the place and they are the ones you find walking around with empty pockets because they spend every cent they can on books. They are one step away from directly sending their salary check to their favourite bookstore.

Suggested Reads: All those books lying around that you haven’t gotten to yet and any book on money management.

  1. The Decorative Bibliophile

The Oxford Dictionary describes the word “Bibliophile” as –



A person who collects or has a great love of books.

Basically, this type of reader is a classy combination of the “Not a Reader” Reader and The Hoarder. Let me explain: This person considers books not reading material but decorative pieces. They collect books and place them in their living rooms or studies are showpieces and nothing else. One classic way of identifying The Decorative Bibliophile; their books are not arranged by author or genre but by colour, height or thickness, 

Suggested Reads: Honestly, anything on those shelves of yours. Just read.

  1. The Librarian

The Booklover that is The Extroverted Reader and The Advice Columnist mixed in the cauldron of The Borrower’s dreams. This kind of reader not only loves to read all kinds of books and recommend the best ones to everyone but also has no scruples about lending them out to anyone and everyone. These kind of readers either have no idea of where which book of theirs is or they have an immaculate system of tracking their books. But no loss or maiming of books will deter them from their ways. They believe in sharing not only their love of books but also their books themselves.

Suggested Reads: That book you lent to someone 10 years ago and had completely forgotten that you even possessed.

  1. The Borrower

The Borrower is the leech whose lips are suctioned on to The Librarian. These readers love to read and hate to own any books. So, they implement a system of borrowing that only fellow borrowers can understand. They borrow from friends, family, libraries and even those “Leave a book; Take a book” stalls. These people do not own any books to leave so they simply take a book but return it to the same stall they took it from once they are done because they have learned with experience that intengrity is one of the main virtues in the profession of borrowing.

Suggested Reads: Whatever you can borrow from your neighbor.

  1. The Possessive Reader

The Possessive Reader is the complete opposite of The Librarian. These readers will not part with their books if their life depended on it. Much less read or borrow, they will not let another person touch, or even lay eyes on their favourites.

Suggested Reads: That book you have hidden in the back of your cupboard so that no one can corrupt it with their touch.

  1. The Museum Curator

The Museum Curator is The Possessive Reader from HELL. They are not only super possessive about their books but they also love to preserve them so they look good as new. If there was a hell specially designed for these readers, it would consist of books with dog-eared pages, highlighted passages and comments in the margins. 

Suggested Reads: That good as new book you have actually read a hundred times.

Do you see someone you know in the descriptions? Share this post with them and see if they agree.

Which one are you?

Which ones did I miss?

Let me know it all in the comments!



7 thoughts on “TYPES OF READERS PART – 1

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  3. Dream it Alive

    Part two…three? four? Yes please!

    It seems I am a:
    Traditionalist (though I love paperbacks vs hardcovers)
    Fiction (suggestion for part 2 as this is what I mostly read.)
    Intro/ Extro (in between as I have my loved genres. But I’m always willing to read a book that has a great review from real people, especially friends. No matter the genre)


  4. Loved it! You really gave it some thought.. but it’s totally true. I guess I’m a Traditionalist Hoarder Writer if there’s such a thing hahaha. Cheers!


  5. Dream it Alive

    I love this! It’s well thought out and even though I just skimmed for now… I can’t wait to see what I classify as according to this. You, my friend, know about books…for nothing beats the smell of new or used books being opened..and pages flipped soon after. 🙂


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