WEEKLY WONDER: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (#2)

Welcome to Weekly Wonder, a weekly series in which I recommend a book to you every week giving just enough details for you to decide if you would like to read the book but without any spoilers.

Sorry I disappeared for so long. I had some other commitments but I’m back with full force.

This week’s wonder is:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Cover THE BOOK THIEF BY MARKUS ZUSAK


During one of the busiest times of its existence, the Second World War, Death finds a diary lying in the rubble that is all that is left of a German town. A diary written by a little girl, who enamored Death from the moment that reaper of souls lay its eyes on her. This book is Death telling the reader the story of Liesel Meminger, a little girl with an affinity for words.


“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”

“I am haunted by humans.” – Death

“I wanted to tell the book thief many things, about beauty and brutality. But what could I tell her about those things that she didn’t already know? I wanted to explain that I am constantly overestimating and underestimating the human race-that rarely do I ever simply estimate it. I wanted to ask her how the same thing could be so ugly and so glorious, and its words and stories so damning and brilliant.”

“Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.”

“Even death has a heart.”

“Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months after you’ve finished just to stay near it.”


  • When we think about a book based in the Holocaust, we generally think about one about the life of a victim of Hitler’s Reich but this book tells the story of the average German family who just do not agree with Hitler. They become his victims on virtue of their choices, not genetics.
  • Though based in the Holocaust and giving a lot of importance to it, this book also deals with everyday life happenings, giving it a realistic feel.
  • The narration by Death itself gives the book a solemn feel while keeping it light at the same time.
  • Death’s obsession with the colours of the sky is possibly the best tool to set the mood for the entire book.
  • The amount of symbolism is extremely high. Every book, every colour, every incident and every gesture has its own significance in the narrative.

I hope you like the book as much as I did.

Sorry this post was late. I wanted to make the perfect review and with this book, it took a little time. I’ll try my best to be more punctual in the future.

Please let me know what you think of The Book Thief in the comments below!

Happy Reading!



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