Say Hi! to Your New Friend

Hey everyone!

I have decided to include a friend, Pallavi to help me with the blog. Instead of going into a monologue about how great she is, I thought I’d let her introduce herself:

Hello, I’m Pallavi. I’m Jeannie’s friend and fellow-booklover. I’m one of those people who enjoys both popular YA fiction and actual, heavy literature. My bookshelves are the one place where you will find the Percy Jackson series right next to Atlas Shrugged. Or even Agatha Christie, alongside Nehru’s Glimpses of World History.

I have a proclivity for Indian authors. I also enjoy writing, reading and reviewing children’s literature.I classify as a ‘Fangirl’, as seen on social media.My taste in books is not confined to one genre.
Both Jeannie and I are united by our love for books, but we review different types.
I will most likely  be reviewing lighter books and easy reads, with a majority by Indian authors.
We both look forward to a long relationship with you all!
Happy Reading!
Jeannie and Pallavi

One thought on “Say Hi! to Your New Friend

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