How To Read More?

Hey Everyone!

I have always been an introverted picky reader (See my Types of Readers post to know what that means) because I always felt that I have limited time and I cannot possibly read ALL the books I want to read in my life so I never understood why I should waste precious time on a bad book? and I know that no reader has enough time to read all the books that they want to read and as a blogger who recommends books to people and (hopefully) adds to their TBRs, it is my duty to suggest a  few ways in which readers can read more books.

This post is dedicated to Charlie from ch4rl13sm1th. Check out her blog. It’s awesome!


Possibly the best way to ensure that you read more is to prioritise reading over other tasks. I understand that it is not always possible but I also know that you are at liberty to choose to read A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin over watching the latest season of Game of Thrones. There will always be time to watch those Youtube videos, it is time to read right now!


One of the best ways to ensure that you prioritise reading is to set up certain reading goals. You may decide to read a book a week, for instance or devote half an hour a day to your books. Also, maintaining a To Be Read(TBR) List will save you time on deciding what to read. Please refer to our Weekly Wonders if you want replenish your TBR.


A good book is the best lullaby. Take a book to bed with you and read for a while to put you in the mood for a good sleep. This will not only ensure that you get some reading done everyday but also certifiably guarantee some pretty nice dreams.


We don’t even realise the amount of potential reading time we waste waiting in line, riding in elevators and travelling until we start reading at these avenues. Carry the book you are currently reading with you so that the next time you are stuck in a long line at the supermarket or are tired of the doctor’s waiting room, you have something to do.


Speaking from personal experience, books tend to end quickly when they stay with you all the time. So once you are past the half-way mark, carry an extra one around in case you finish the first one.


Or you can spare yourself the trouble of carrying two books and get a Kindle, or any other E-Reading device, and carry your entire library with you everywhere you go.


Yes people, listening to Audiobooks does qualify as “actual reading.” I have found audio book versions to be better than traditional ones for certain books, in fact. Think about the amount of time you spend listening to music everyday. Now think if you could read a book instead. I love to replace my car radio with The Book Thief or The Godfather.


Okay, this is gonna sound weird and it is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is something I love to do if I want to re-read an old favourite. If I have read a book multiple times and am intimately familiar with it but want to read it yet again but not spend that kind of time when I could be reading a new book, I listen to the Audiobook of the old book and read the new one simultaneously. Weird, I know but try it out!


We all have busy lives with work, school or college and something always comes in the way of our pure reading pleasure. My solution to that is to reward myself with a chapter for every task that I do. This way, reading is not a distraction or a mode of procrastination but  motivation from my studies.


One pretty cool resource to manage your reading is a free service called DailyLit. Basically, you choose a book and the service sends you parts of that book in emails that can be read in 15minutes everyday. This way, you read that book for 15 minutes everyday and no more than 15 minutes. It’s highly customisable so you can set it up according to your own preferences. (No, I’m not getting any money from DailyLit, I wish I was though.)

I hope this helps you all read more and get a little closer to finishing your TBRs.

What do you think of these ways of reading more?

Are there any that I missed?

Let me know it all in the comments!

Happy Reading!



41 thoughts on “How To Read More?

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  6. Thank you, this is fantastic! I tend to forget about my Kindle, it’s old and I only get the free books, but I’ve had some great reads (Sherlock Holmes is free!) and it’s more convenient than these journals I carry around anyway. I also forgot about this one book I didn’t finish…
    You’ve surprised me. This subject has been done and done again, but your presentation (and suggestions) is inspiring.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it and that I was able to help.

      I didn’t know the subject had been done before. I only spoke from personal experience. I guess that’s what made it different. Innovation was the unexpected virtue of ignorance in this case. However, I don’t like to be ignorant. Can you please help me and let me know who else has done this before so I can improve? I would greatly appreciate it.


          1. The authors would address the desire to read, which is silly because their readers have the desire, and not the time aspect, which everyone struggles with. You get the impression that readers of the article that find it useful are stay at home moms and dads, etc.

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  7. Dream it Alive

    I do the same thing…reading as a reward. But I also do it when I catch myself being bored and just staring at the screen of my laptop wondering what is going on facebook wise. Mind you I love to read..and have found it great as a reward as well as a way to steer me away from the internet. (As it should be!)

    I am working on reading before bed..the desire is there…but we shall see. As for a usual book is right beside my laptop for easy grab and read. And always with me if I am out of the house and know I have some time to devote to a few pages…or chapters.

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    1. I find reading as a reward to be a very efficient method too.

      I like the idea of reading to limit internet time. I might try that one.

      My Kindle never leaves my side either.

      Do let me know how your attempts with bed time reading go…


  8. I do a couple of these but there are definitely a few here that I hadn’t thought off. I carry my kindle everywhere just in case there are a quiet couple of minutes. Some times if I’m shopping with other people and I finish before them, I generally wonder off to the shoe department and sit and read for a while 🙂

    I’m certainly tempted to try DailyLit. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
      I do that too. My Kindle never leaves my side.
      Do try it, it changed my life. It is specifically useful for those who love classics.

      Do let me know if you try any of the other suggestions and if they worked for you.

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  9. You have touched a nerve of mine right off the getgo. I love to read and sometimes dream of taking the day off just so I can catch up with my reading. Whether it is magazines or new books or just re-reading books that are old friends I wish I could do more. I am happier when I do.

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      1. I would love for you to follow my blog. That way we can stay connected.

        I love to read before I go to bed. It helps me relax. But, then again it keeps me awake at night.

        I also love to read in the morning with coffee. But, then again I start drinking too much coffee that way.

        One other thing I do is my husband and I enjoy going to a coffee shop or a book store and reading together for a little while. He likes reading magazines I love reading my books.

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        1. Following!
          I have the same problem. However, in my case, I forget to prepare for the next day’s exam or complete the assignment due in two hours so the consequences are catastrophic!

          You and I are so similar in our reading habits, it’s uncanny. My local Starbucks’ staff knows my reading and studying habits better than anyone.

          Try limiting yourself to a certain number of chapters or reading something you have already read before. I find those books are easier to leave in the middle. That is why I only re-read during exams.

          I am glad you enjoyed the post! Do check the rest of them out!

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              1. I prefer to only read one book at a time but I can and have often read more especially back when i was in school. However, like movies, I have almost never stopped one partway through. And in most cases I need to finish the series as well. I can only think of one or two times I have not been able to complete a book because it was soooo bad. That probably says something about our personalities huh?

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                1. Definitely does. I hate leaving anything unfinished. Books especially. I guess you have the same, or similar, disposition.

                  I can’t handle a single book at a time. I need a daily dose of poetry, fiction, classics and non-fiction. That makes a compulsory four books at a time. Of course, the time, in terms of days, that it takes to finish a book increases as a result but I am able to finish multiple books in the same time-frame and that makes up for it all.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Or perhaps I haven’t yet come across bad books as I do confess to being a picky introverted reader. If there is even a slight chance I won’t like a book, I simply don’t read it. That doesn’t stop my TBR from overflowing into an unmanageable mile-long mess though.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Possibly. I try to learn from the positives as well as the negatives of everything I read. I am pretty good at finding the negatives though and I tend to hate books that everyone seems ecstatic about. To Kill a Mockingbird for instance.

                      We really must exchange book lists sometime.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Definitely. Well, I think we are connected at this point. Are you on Goodreads? I think we can see each other’s booklists from there can’t we? Don’t judge me when you see romance novels on there…lol. Sometimes I don’t want to think very hard when I read. ha.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. I am on Goodreads but I honestly don’t update it. Only the books I read on my Kindle get updated automatically. The ones I read physically don’t, obviously.

                      Of course not, to each her own tastes.

                      I do plan on uploading a reading challenge for myself in October and maybe my TBR in a few weeks. Maybe you can take a look at that. How does that sound(read)?


                    5. Well, I am not entirely sure but I think you can find me on goodreads under Jenny Schulte. But, I am not sure that the list is complete. I only update it when I think about it and I don’t think about it very often…

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              2. I have been the same way EXCEPT when my father gave me the final book in the Twilight series. I was so close to being done, I likely had only 20 or so pages left, but it was so bad I threw my book and said “screw it”.

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                1. I understand your frustration. Even I slaved through the Twilight Series but for me personally, it is impossible to sleep comfortably knowing I have unfinished business.

                  A solution that I have for that situation is to read 5 pages of the horrible book every day and read my go-to book simultaneously. This prolongs the horrible book but the regular contact with a beloved book takes the sting away.


                    1. I read the series once and though it was hard, I know if I want to, I can do it again. I definitely do not want to. That doesn’t make me strong. I am just trying to avoid that feeling of inadequacy I get when I don’t finish a book. I feel I NEED to give a story a proper chance once I’ve begun it.

                      Maybe that is why I am very picky about which book I read.


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