Introducing Myself and Why I Write(and Read)

Hey everyone!

So I am going through the college application process and one question that I’m always asked in an interview is “Who is Jeannie? Tell me something about her.”

Do they not understand how vague this question is???? I know the basic facts: age, sex, socio-economic makeup but they are just that; facts. Who really is Jeannie? I find myself wondering what do they want to know about Jeannie? Jeannie is a very complex individual. I can’t explain every single silly aspect of her personality in a nutshell.

So I want to answer this question once and for all.

Jeannie is a prolific reader and writer. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She has an innate desire to empathise and understand how others feel. She acknowledges the fact that every single person looks at the world from a different perspective and nothing brings her more joy that the opportunity to get a brief look at the world through the lens of somebody else. That is why she reads. Books allow her to broaden her horizons by giving her a glimpse of what life is like for others. They allow her to vicariously live another life. Jeannie does not believe in rebirth but she does believe that it is possible to live multiple lives in the same one (does that make sense?) through books.

Jeannie feels a great debt to the community of writers, whether they are novelists, poets or bloggers, for sharing a very intimate part of their life with her. She wants them all to know that she is forever indebted to them and the only way she knows she can repay that debt is to write and share a small piece of her heart with the world so that someone else can also have this wonderful experience.

Jeannie is an egalitarian yet she does not believe in absolute equality. Jeannie does not have a last name as she does not want to take her father’s family name and disregard her mother’s. She is a strong believer in equality of opportunity but nothing beyond that. She believes that every single individual is born equal and must be given equal opportunities in life but how they treat those opportunities should finally determine their position in society.

And Jeannie is so much more than that… But like I said, it is impossible to describe every single silly weird aspect of her personality but I hope this gives you an idea of who Jeannie is.

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “Introducing Myself and Why I Write(and Read)

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