WEEKLY WONDER: The Kane and Abel Series by Jeffrey Archer (#17)

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This week has two Wonders. They are:

Kane and Abel Prodigal Daughter Jeffrey Archer Cover






Kane and Abel tells the story of two boys who have nothing and absolutely everything in common. William Kane was raised in a wealthy socialite family while Abel Rosnovski (aka Wladek Koskiewicz) grew up in war camps.But both were born on the same day, both lost their fathers and both have the same zeal for success, unparalleled by anyone except each other. Kane and Abel is the story of how these two meet, how they help each other, how they become the bitterest of enemies and how they grow to respect each other.

The Prodigal Daughter continues the story of Kane and Abel as it chronicles the life of Florentyna Kane, daughter of Abel Rosnovski and wife of Richard Kane. This is tale of the life of the first female President of the United States with a little Romeo and Juliet-esque romance thrown in.


“But I want us to remember him — always.”

“Fortune favours the brave”

“Only three things mattered about a hotel: position, position and position.”

“If you have to pay a bill, always make it look as if the amount is of no consequence.”

“Pride has never been a virtue. There are some occasions on which it is wise to remain silent.”

“The line Miss Tredgold quoted whenever she was asked about Florentyna’s academic achievements came from her home-room teacher. ‘This pupil musn’t cry when she is second.'”

“I hope I will not be prevented from holding office because I was born with wealth. If that were to be a disqualification, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Kennedy would never have held office. I hope I will not be prevented because my father is an immigrant. If that were the case, then one of the greatest mayors this community has ever known, Anton Germak, would never have worked in City Hall, and if I am to be prevented because I am a woman, then half the population of America must be disqualified with me… I do not apologise for being the daughter of an immigrant. I do not apologise for being wealthy. I do not apologise for being a woman, and I will never be apologetic about wanting to represent the people of Chicago in the United States Congress.”


  • The biblical reference.
  • These two books belong to a series but can be read independently.
  • There is a lot of overlap in these books but that does not make them repetitive for those who read them as a series.
  • The high quotability of these books.
  • Despite being Bildungsromans, neither of them drags.
  • I love the parallelism and contrast in Kane and Abel.
  • The real life inspirations for Florentyna Kane.

I hope you like this series!

Have you read it? What did you think of it?

Let me know it all in the comments! (No spoilers please!)

Happy reading!



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