WEEKLY WONDER: The Girls Behind The Gunfire, by Trisha Ray(#36)

Welcome to our 36th Weekly Wonder! Jeannie and I are both currently giving our exams. Jeannie, of course, responsible human being that she is, had worked out all her posts two months beforehand.

And here I am, writing this post on Sunday. About 9 hours before this needs to be published. Amazing.

Without further ado-

The Girls Behind The Gunfire, by Trisha Ray


Abhi fits the nerdy Indian schoolgirl stereotype far too well. It’s a cliche that she has come to accept and even embrace. That is, until her seemingly innocuous friend Riki turns out to be menacing, stiletto-knife wielding assassin. This revelation forces Abhi to break out of her mould and she develops a fondness for guns, a love for insubordination, and an unprecedented thirst for blood.


“Truth be told, I felt lost without my PC and a keyboard to type out my blog, but writing with pen on paper just for the heck of it was something I hadn’t done for a couple of years now and I found it quite refreshing.”

“They kidnap me, train me, think they can condition me to want to kill like I’m the newest dog in some kind of Pavlovian experiment, and then dismiss me like I’m so unimportant that I could be less than a protozoan and they wouldn’t care, I thought, my relief battling with my deep resentment.”

“Our luggage accompanied us through customs, and the weapons were marked ‘Fragile’ in a consignment of the shipping section and mysteriously overlooked by an overworked airport official, who probably had a large family to take care of somewhere and appreciated the wad of cash Duncan slipped into his coat pocket. Duncan’s mammoth-like frame couldn’t have hurt either.”

“I had thought that his voice was too monotonous and metallic to be compelling, but now I was changing my mind. There was a flat truthfulness to his voice, an unshakeable faith in the Foundation that obviously met with approval from everyone here.”


  • Strong female characters. Yep. Well-written, strong, independent young women. Yes. I live for this. Yes. YES.
  • There’s no love triangle! It’s YA literature and there is NO love triangle. I am so relieved.
  • Gory in a few places, and very realistic. It makes me so happy. Is that disturbing?
  •  There is supposed to be a sequel. Trisha Ray never wrote it. I will forever live in the hope that someday, there will be a sequel.
  • It’s amazingly written. The author was 19 at the time of publishing. A truly gifted human.
  • Explosive, captivating. The story never lets you down and never gets predictable.

I really hope you like this book! It’s one of my personal favourites and I thrust it upon everyone who asks for a book suggestion.

Happy Reading!



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