WEEKLY WONDER: Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer (#39)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Weekly Wonder, a weekly series where we weed out the best books out there so you don’t have to!

This week’s Wonder is:




Nat Cartwright and Fletcher Davenport are twins separated at birth who grow up with vastly different economic backgrounds but their lives parallel each other’s regardless. They fall in love with the same girl and have the same man as their nemesis but despite all this, they never meet. In fact, Fletcher even saves the life of Nat’s son. Though they know each other by reputation, they finally meet when both decide to run for the governor of Connecticut. Will the secret ever get out? What if it does not? If it will, how will they ever find out? How will this effect their relationship? Read the book to find out!


“The popularity of an individual in life often only manifests itself in death.”

“Challenge every writ, and let it not be said of you, I walked a path but never left an imprint.”

“Doesn’t ability to do the job come into the equation?”
“Of course not, you fool,” said Jimmy. “This is politics.”

“You’ve made yourself more available than a whore in a Las Vegas casino.”

“Here was a man, when comes such another?”

“Harry Gates was opinionated, verbose, irascible and maddening.”

“The mistakes you make today are history tomorrow morning, your triumphs forgotten by the early evening news.”

“You should never make an irreversible decision on the back of good or bad news”

“Not to stand up and be counted when an injustice has been done was the act of a coward.”


  • This is a Jeffrey Archer book, the guy who wrote the Kane and Abel series and Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less.
  • The nod Archer gives to Shakespeare.
  • This is weird but I love the fact that Archer changed the name of the book from “In The Lap of the Gods” to “Sons of Fortune” simply because I would not have read it if he hadn’t.
  • I love the elegance of the  story telling and the flow of the plot.
  • The book, like many Archer novels features quotations from other people used by the characters in very accurate settings.
  • The ending… oh the ending.

I hope you love this book as much as I did!

Note: Today is my last exam and as promised, I will resume my virtual life with a very special post as soon as I’ve caught up with my sleep. Thank you everyone for your cooperation throughout this time. You are seriously the best readers EVER.

Happy Reading!



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