WEEKLY WONDER: The Joy of Work, by Scott Adams (#44)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Weekly Wonder, our weekly recommendation for your TBRs.

This week’s Wonder is:

The Joy Of Work, by Scott Adams.



A satirical take on the popular ‘management books’ that people purchase and believe to be the secret to success on the corporate ladder, The Joy Of Work is a delightful amalgamation of Adam’s Dlibert comic and his own hilarious narration.


“Scientists don’t specify which sources of laughter are better than others, health-wise, so I recommend laughing at other people- your co workers in particular- at least until we have more data. If you know any scientists, you can laugh at them too. They won’t take it personally because they’ll understand you’re doing it for medical reasons.”

“If your co-workers aren’t providing you with all the entertainment that you desire, don’t be satisfied with that situation. You must learn to nurture the humor potential in your co-workers- like a farmer nurtures a cow, except without touching their nipples.”

“There’s a fine line between subtle, professional sarcasm and its cousin, total bull. But both have a valuable place in the business world. ”

“Tip: If you ever get the opportunity to pretend you have two full-time jobs in the same building, cover your tracks by telling everyone how happy you are to be working in the same building as your identical twin.”


  • It’s not necessary for you to work in a corporation to get the book. The humour is effortless and just the right amount.
  • The liberal sprinkling of Dilbert comics throughout the book is comparable to finding chocolate chips in your ice-cream.
  • It’s quite hard to find intelligent humour in books. The Joy of Work does a good job of balancing the smart jokes with slapstick ones.
  • While most of the book should definitely not be taken seriously, some advice is actually pretty good. (Reader’s discretion regarding which advice to follow is advised.)
  • Read it for the best Office Pranks ever.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Happy Reading!



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