Weekly Wonder Makeover

Hey everyone!

Having experienced the joy of blogging for over a year, Pallavi and I got together and evaluated where we stand. As a result of that discussion, we decided that there is one particular way in which we can enhance your experience of Booklovers’ Haven and that is by slightly changing our Weekly Wonder Series. These are the sections in the new format:


This section is replacing the SO, WHAT UP WITH THE STORY section as we have decided to expand from fiction into all the genres  so that we can provide you all with a more immersive experience. This section will give you the general idea of the book, without spoilers, of course.


This section, which includes quotes from the book intended to give you a taste of the author’s style. We have decided to keep this section as it is simply because we love it so much.


This is another section that we have chosen to retain from the old format because we think it embodies the concept of the Weekly Wonder. We would only recommend books here that we personally enjoyed and you deserve to know what it is about the book that makes it worth your while.


This section is a new addition. While we only recommend books we love, we recognize the fact that every single book has negative aspects and this section will address those negative parts so you can ensure that the book will be to your taste.


Just a glimpse at the map in our stats shows that we have a diverse readership and we have decided to create this section to accomodate that. This section will be used to inform you as to which type of reader do we think this particular book will appeal to so that you can determine if you fall into that category. This will generally list similar books, movies and genres so that you can make an informed choice.


If you decide to read the book, the end of every Weekly Wonder will contain a “GET THE BOOK” button that you can click in order to get the book on Amazon. As we believe in complete transparency, we would like to inform you that all Amazon links on this blog are Associate Links meaning that if you buy anything on Amazon using those links, we get a small percentage with NO EXTRA COST to you. We request that you use these links if you plan to buy books recommended by us as it helps support the site and is at no extra cost to you.

Now that I have talked about the presentation, it is my pleasure to inform you that we are not only changing the way the content is presented but also the content itself. We would like you to contribute to the process of deciding the books that become Weekly Wonders. In order to do so, we request you to please fill out the form below and let us know at the most three books that you love at the moment. As an additional option, you can also add your name and email and I will personally email you with book recommendations tailored to your specific tastes. Regardless of whether or not you give us your name and email, your book choices will play a role in shaping the books we decide to write Weekly Wonders on and if you give us your information, we promise not to give out your details or flood your inbox with unnecessary spam.

Do you know of any other way in which we can improve? Please let us know in the comments below as we really appreciate your advice and suggestions and will do our best to implement them.

Happy Reading!



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