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As a companion post to our Weekly Wonder of The Grimm Diaries Prequels, we have invited the author, Cameron Jace to an interview. Check it out!

1) May I request you to please give a short introduction of yourself and tell us what the Grimm Diaries Prequels are all about?
Hi I’m Cameron. Once an architect, now obsessed with collecting lost fairy tales from all over the world. It’s true, a book coming soon will explain my journey. The Grimm Prequels were essentially released as a marketing technique for the main Grimm Diaries series. I just wanted to get people to have a glimpse of what to expect, the origins of fairy tale characters and where they came from, that is. Then the series took off on its own. Readers loved it, and I’ve released the 19th Prequel a couple of months ago.

2) What inspired you to write this series?
I’m obsessed with the origins of story, one form would be fairy tales. I mean it doesn’t make sense the same tales are all over the world in all those different cultures, all the same. How did that happen? I mean you might know about another person’s religion but show a kid an apple and a girl lying next to it and tell me he would not identify it as Snow White. Me delving into fairy tales is simply hunting down the origins of storytelling. Who told the first story, when, and why?

3) It is pretty rare to see an adaptation of fairy tales in the epistolary form. Why did you choose to write the series as diary entries?
This one came to me in a writing preparation. I always write a few pages from the character’s POV so I get to know them better. But then I realized their stories were so good they deserved more.

4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing in this style?
Advantages are the freedom of writing from a character’s POV, especially the evil ones, it gives you permission to think like an evil person for a while and eventually discover they have reasons for what they do. I see many readers love the concept. Disadvantages are that, in the whole picture, it’s trying to keep the voice and motives since you’re not that character.

5) You have been hinting at spin-off series in the Author Notes of some prequels. For which characters can we expect spin-offs?
Jack and Marmalade are the best candidates for a spin-off because of their love story. So is Ladle Rat, since she has so much potential. I do have a spin-off for the Piper himself but I may postpone that.

6) The characters in the Grimm Diaries prequels range from Cinderella to Death to The Devil to Dracula to Lewis Carrol to Ebenezer Scrooge. What brought on this diversity?
In reality there is no diversity. All of those were birthed in fairy tale, it’s only our disney perception of folk tales that is distorted. The devil has always been mentioned in Hans Christian’s tales. Ebenezer is Charles Dickens manifestation of an elf in a human form, (it’s documented.) Lewis Carroll’s Alice is a rehashing of fairy tales with animals and a clever girl. Death is a rooted fairy tale in Russian folklore. I can’t back up all of this now, since I’ll use my three years’ research in a book coming out next December.
7)Which books and/or authors would you say inspired or influenced your work?
I’m inspired by all, unconsciously at least. It’s like I am aware of writers I love while writing, but I’m a product of their imagination and my childhood. Neil Gaiman is one. Lewis Carroll is another. George McDonald is on top of this list, though not many people know him. Many more, plus the fairy tales themselves who have no author.

8) Do you plan to write any more prequels?
Of course, prequels are always coming because they are a side product of my research. This was how the mirror and Bloody Mary connection came to me. I was researching and couldn’t look away from the fact that they have the same motifs.

9)What would your advice be to writers who want to get published and be successful?
I wish I had. Readers are the ones who made me. Word of mouth basically when I published the prequels. I know one thing though: write and write and write, communicate with people who love what you write because in the end it’s them who will decide what to read, no matter how good you think your story is.

10) Is there anything that you would like to add?
I lie for a living so I can talk for hours, but it’s been a pleasure talking to you. Feel free to join my Facebook page and ask me anything:)

I hope you all enjoyed the interview and will read The Grimm Diaries Prequels! Buy them from Amazon here.

Happy Reading!



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