Personalised Book Recommendations

Hey everyone!

As most of you know, we attempt to introduce you to books you may like but not have encountered yet through our Weekly Wonder series. However, as every Booklover knows, book preferences are intensely personal and despite the popularity of certain books, there is no single book in the world that every single reader would like.

Thus, keeping in touch with our primary goal of introducing Booklovers to books, we have decided to introduce personalised book recommendation forms that we will occasionally post for you all to fill out and get personalised book recommendations from us via email. These book recommendations can be for yourself or they can be used when you can’t figure out the perfect book to gift your booklover friend.

So, just fill in the form (we promise not to misuse your email) and we will email your personalised book recommendations as soon as possible.

We look forward to reading your responses and sending your personalised book recommendations.

Happy Reading!



3 thoughts on “Personalised Book Recommendations

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