Newsletter Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

Booklovers’ Haven is proud to announce that we are officially releasing our Newsletter. This Newsletter will feature exclusive content that will only be available to our Newsletter subscribers.


The Monthly Booklovers’ Haven Newsletter will include:

  • Additional Weekly Wonder style recommendations every month.
  • Bookish Quotes and thoughts.
  • Links to various Book-themed articles and videos across the web.
  • A look into what we read every month and the chance to ask for a book review of any book that we have read.
  • Priority on Personalised Recommendations!
  • Option to opt in for occassional emails whenever a book is available online on a discount.
  • And much more…

To promote our Newsletter, we are giving away 2 copies each of 29 Argyle Drive, Escarpment and Damaged Cargoes by David Turri to 6 lucky subscribers. Please check the THE BOOKLOVERS’ HAVEN NEWSLETTER GIVEAWAY RULES before entering.




I hope you like the newsletter.

Happy Reading!



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