WEEKLY WONDER: Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur (#51)

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This week’s wonder is:

Milk And Honey, by Rupi Kaur

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To accompany our latest Weekly Wonder on 29 Argyle Drive, we have invited author David Turri for an interview regarding his books 29 Argyle Drive and Escarpment. Check it out!


Out of the Mouths of Infants: What Reading Means to Readers

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One day, I was sitting in a Food Court at a mall trying to eat and read through all the noise. The Food Court was more crowded that I was used to primarily because it was a Sunday and the mall was hosting a chess tournament to boot. The noise made me raise my head from my Kindle and I noticed an 11-year old boy, trying to  keep this tome of a book open as he read through it. He was so engrossed in his book that he didn’t even look like he was bothered by the crowd and the noise. There wasn’t anybody with him either. Over the next 15 minutes, I was trying to discover which book he was reading but the cover was facing away from me and he looked so focused that I didn’t have the heart to disturb him and ask. Eventually, his mother came and just as they were about to leave, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him about the book. This began a conversation that revealed him to be a very intelligent young man and we have been in touch via email since.

Avathanshu has an amazing blog and, having read his work, I decided to ask him what reading means to him. Here is his response:

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How to Arrange Your Bookshelf

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I am so sorry that I have not been posting for a while. I have recently moved back to Delhi after 9 years and have been using the time to get reacquainted with my home town and getting to know my three month old nephew. But don’t worry, I have been acquiring quite a few literary experiences during this time as well and will be sharing all of them on Booklovers’ Haven soon.

One of those experiences has been the bane of every booklover’s existence for all time: the act of moving my entire book collection from Mumbai to Delhi and setting it all in order.

Due to circumstances, I wasn’t there when all the books were put into boxes in Mumbai which made the experience more difficult for me as I did have to empty all those boxes and set the books on the shelves in Delhi. I would like to give you an overview of how it all went down.

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